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Savings is an income set aside for future use or a flow of resources accumulated over a period of time

Savings also involves reducing expenditure to increase resources available at your disposal Whether your financial goals are small or large, savings is an integral part of achieving these goals. Hence it`s never overrated. Savings is as important as self-development as it is the bedrock of financial security.
In fact, many sources recommend saving 20% of your income but it’s not always easy saving that much out of your salary especially when you are pay check dependent. living from pay check to pay check.

Ordinarily, saving is unavoidable and hard but these life hacks will help improve your saving greatly in a short while.


A budget is a proposed statement of income and expenditure.  At the beginning of every month, make a budget and stick to it. You can make a budget based on the 50/30/20 rule.
This rules states that you spend 50% of your salary on necessities like food, shelter, water, electricity etc.
30% goes to eventualities. Things that weren’t originally budgeted for but they are unavoidable hence you just have to tend to them e.g. health.

The last 20% goes to savings. This can of course be reduced according to your will capability but this rule has proven effective overtime.
a healthy budget should be able to save a reasonable amount for you at the end of the month so if your budget isn`t doing all that then perhaps you need to change the budget or reduce your spending.


Human needs are insatiable, there will always be something that catches our fancy. Its unavoidable to want something but it’s also not news that what we want is not often what we need. Sometimes we buy things out of impulse or emotional reasons.

So do this, next time you get the urge or the need to buy something, quickly take it down and wait for 90 days, within these days, if the money to get it shows up, then get it but if not, you still feel the need to own it, then you can get it.

The 90 days rules enforces discipline on impulsive or emotional actions, forcing us to think as many times as possible. It is most suited for those who have difficulty in saying no to a pretty sight


Making a budget is easy but sticking to the budget takes discipline and self-control. Discipline is the ability to conform your spending and savings to the plans /budgets already made to achieve monetary goals. Discipline is key to sticking to all financial plans. Ever seen a situation where someone breaks savings and spends it on what wasn’t in the plan. Discipline reduces chances of that happening.


Almost every financial expert or advisor gives the same advice, reduce spending and automate your savings. While this trick for saving money isn’t new. It actually works. We see it when a percentage of our salary just goes off to a separate account without manually transferring it which might not be possible considering we have a large budget in mind that might even need our savings to complete. Automating your savings means automatically saving money with or without your consent after prior settings. Automated savings reduces the chance of skipping savings for a particular month.


Investing ensures present and future financial security. Gone are the days when people only rely on savings for future security. In today’s world savings may not be adequate to ensure financial security as there is a constant inflation and consistent rise in the standard of living so investing is the quickest route to financial independence.
Investment allocates your money in different assets with the intention of capital appreciation and earning better returns in the long run. Some profitable investment that one would invest in to receive a high returns include estate management, crypto, forex, stocks and bonds.


Nothing beats the feeling of being paid by oneself according to your working hours.  Self-development is key to financial literacy and self-actualization
learning it isn’t enough, practice and constantly develop so that you can build a name and an unending income flow that doesn’t depend on your presence to run smoothly.