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Earning a living can be challenging these days. That’s why an increasing number of people from all niches are working multiple jobs, often referred to as “side hustles,”

Making money in is a very popular topic and you would agree with me that passive income is no longer a need but a necessity as a result of the persistent increase in the standard of living. A lot of wi

Most jobs cuts across information technology. using the internet and it’s flairs to improve customers reach.

A lot f writers have written a thing or two about this topic, ranging from working on Fiverr to owning an online store, digital and affiliate marketing, becoming a transcriptionist and the rest with an”easy” tag but does it really work that way?

Every topic on making money online has that clause “with little or no experience”.But honestly, what kinda job you hoping to get online with that mindset? Would you trust someone who has no experience to work for you? You must have an incline as to what you are doing and what your client or employer expects from you. Even with a mentor that guides and limits your mistakes through prior experience advises the understudy to read, consume books, practice till infinity

though some jobs take more Learning time than others but really, there is no such thing as “no experience” as there is no quick route to making money.

Below are some things nobody probably told you about working an online side job.

1. Concentration and focus

Owning a side hustle in 2021 requires focus, dedication and consistency. You can’t be all over the place at the same time, it’s gonna end in a mess trust me…. Not saying it won’t work out but chances are slim, make a list of all the top people in each industry, they are known to be of habit, following through till the end with a particular hustle until it gets stable before thinking of adding another one.

2. Experience and self development

As Opposed to the popular clause of “little or no experience”, fitting into any side hustle requires experience, practice and self development.

Personal development consists of activities that develop a person’s capabilities and potential, build human capital, facilitate employability, and enhance quality of life and the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Lucky you, the world’s largest school is free “YouTube”. you can always go through tutorials that relates to your niche. Self development sets you apart from others granting you the power of expertise and attraction.

3. Risk of getting scammed.

Anything worth doing takes hard work! Just because the Internet makes certain aspects of business easier or faster doesn’t mean the money will just start flowing in. Depending on how you structure your online business using the flairs of the internet to reach a populated customer range

There is a high risk of getting scammed online as most of these jobs are digital. And HYIP is everywhere.

4 . There is always the need for investment.

No matter what type of project you decide to work online you will need to invest one of two things; time or money. Ideally you want to invest both, but only if you know what you’re doing. When you’re first starting out you’ll be spending more time than money learning and figuring out how to best make use of your skills.