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Buy the dip or copytrade.

Trading can be so frustrating as it requires a lot of work ranging from research to staying up to date on market trends but Still doesn’t guarantee your success.

. One moment you are afloat in profit and the next, your portfolio is loosing a lot. This sometimes can cause traders to start switching between strategies and possibly result in more loss but there is a way you can make a lot of money from trading with less research.

Ever heard the phrase “buy the dip?”It’s a phrase used by traders and investors when the market experience a long down movement. And most stocks prices practically goes down too.

Traders tends to buy the dip hoping it rises after the downward movement. Like all trading strategies, buying the dips does not guarantee profits. Just because the price is cheaper than before doesn’t necessarily mean the asset represents good value.

All trading strategies should have some form of risk control. When buying an asset after it has fallen, many traders and investors will establish a price for controlling their losses if they are wrong and the deep keeps getting deeper

.Buying the dips tends to work better with assets that are in uptrend.


It’s hard to tell the end of a deep by an average trader hence another strategy used by lazy traders who wants to reap the benefits of trading but have little or no time for analyzing the markets.

If you’re willing to invest your time and money in the financial markets, but aren’t sure you have the skill or experience, then copy trading is your one stop at achieving financial emancipation.Copy trading involves replicating the trades of financially successful proven traders on your account so that as their account takes profit, yours emerges in profit.

Unlike trade signals that you have to take profit and stop loss by yourself, copy trading takes care of this by connecting your account to theirs and implementing their strategy on yours.Most traders subscribe to this service by paying a fee at the end of the trading period.

take note that this is not HYIP, as your investment grows overtime. It is a slow yet steady process. Some traders guarantee you as much as 200%returns on your investment annually. An example of a profitable trader is